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PJ and Tanner | Washington Oak and Gardens Engagement

I prayed and prayed for no rain and the lord answered my prayers! If you live in Florida you are already aware of the afternoon showers we have been getting pretty much every day for the past two months! So needless to say I was already preparing for the forecast to show me a downpour. I wanted this session to be PERFECT because lets face it, these two are perfect and deserve the best. PJ and Tanner have known each other forever and even dated in High School. I have known these two since High School as well so when we got together for their session it was like reconnecting with old friends! As you can tell in their images, PJ is CRAZY in love with Tanner and it shows!


We started at Washington Oak and Gardens and took pictures where the lighting was just right before heading to their favorite spot... the BEACH. They were so patient with me; I feel like I said "okay, I'm going to sound crazy but do this pose" multiple times but love that they trusted me as their photographer with what I was doing.



The sun was setting so I knew it was the perfect time to head to the beach. This is where I feel PJ and Tanner felt the most comfortable as they both love the water. What I love most about their images is the way PJ looks at Tanner. He is smitten with her and wants to always love on her; they truly are in LOVE and so easy to photograph.

Thank you both for a fun time in Palm Coast, I cannot wait for your BIG DAY!

xoxo Sarah Hapner




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